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The Customer Voices profile tells our customers’ stories and aims to spark ideas that challenge, redefine, and empower others in their industries. We've partnered with the customers featured here to demonstrate how various organizations have approached their own unique energy management and automation challenges, and what solutions have helped them come out ahead.
3 min read

Three birds, one (digital) stone

2.8K views 3 0 72
3 min read

There’s nothing fishy about innovation

3.2K views 1 0 106
1 min read
Data Center

Enabling future-proof scalable data centers for a logistics giant

5.3K views 0 0 268
1 min read
EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

Helping Bainbridge Island School District provide the right digital learning environment

3.5K views 2 0 290
1 min read
BASF_ EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

BASF gets the right data at the right time with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

9.6K views 6 0 455
1 min read

Creating intelligent transportation linking people with the city

8.9K views 1 0 421
2 min read
Healthcare Maintenance Savings

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare* solution enables Regionservice Skane to save $2.8 million annually

4.7K views 5 0 374
2 min read
Novelis Power Savings

Novelis realizes untapped energy cost savings of $1.9 million with EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert

3.7K views 2 0 429
2 min read
Sumner Regional Medical Healthcare Facility Upgrade

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare solution gives medical center potential savings of over $1.6 million over a 15-year period

4.1K views 3 0 392
2 min read
Energy efficiency hotels

EcoStruxure™ Building helps luxury hotel retrofit for maximum efficiency

3.8K views 0 0 423
2 min read
energy efficient rural hosptial

EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare helps rural hospital achieve an affordable energy efficiency makeover

3.8K views 0 0 424
2 min read
Taiwan Highway Bureau

Schneider Electric helps Taiwan Highway Bureau build a state-of-the-art green data center

4.7K views 0 0 459