Creating intelligent transportation linking people with the city

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Known as “The Pearl of Asia”, Shanghai is one of the world’s largest cities with more than 26 million people and, as the third in the world in terms of commuter zone population, frequent and functional transportation is key for people’s daily life.

When you think of Shanghai, you also inevitably think of the city’s lifeline—the Shanghai Metro. This success story shows how Shanghai Metro overcame a crucial challenge thanks to their partnership with Schneider Electric.

Shanghai Metro carries nearly 10 million passengers every day, serving 52% of residents. Managing the rail network is becoming increasingly difficult with the expansion of metro lines and stations, the complexity of the system and, the large volume of passenger flow. An uninterrupted and stable power supply is necessary to guarantee normal operation. However, there are many installed electrical facilities that consume a large amount of power within the limited space of the stations. Thus, ensuring electrical safety and stability in the stations is critical.

To overcome these challenges, Shanghai Metro partnered with Schneider Electric to leverage their advanced IoT-enabled EcoStruxure™ platform that helped Shanghai Metro across four areas: power distribution, environmental control, connectivity, and services.

Armed with EcoStruxure™ Power and services offered by Schneider Electric, Shanghai Metro was able to improve operational efficiency, sustainability, asset performance, feasibility data, and employee productivity.

Delong Guo, General Manager, Power Supply Branch, Shanghai Metro Maintenance and Security Co., Ltd, said he has peace of mind knowing that he can rely on Schneider Electric to improve daily operations through remote monitoring and their data analysis system which allows for critical emergency maintenance and timely provision of spare parts.

Today, passengers at any Shanghai Metro station can safely and comfortably arrive at their destinations thanks to Schneider Electric solutions that have significantly enhanced the smart management, electrical safety, and environment of Shanghai Metro stations, as well as safeguarded their systems operations.



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