Helping Bainbridge Island School District provide the right digital learning environment

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There is a beautiful island in Puget Sound where severe wind storms are very common,  causing frequent power glitches and downtime. This, inevitably, has many consequences on everyday life on the island, including schools.

The Bainbridge Island School District suffered outages that interrupted the education of around 4,000 students. Schools use technology in their daily teaching functions, so a failure in their network translates into an interruption in learning.

In order to help the school district provide a suitable environment where students can learn and prepare for their future, they needed a smart technology smart to identify an upcoming problem, so that disruption to the classrooms were minimized.

Before, during these outages, network technicians took several hours to diagnose problems. Now, after adopting a digitally connected power monitoring system, Bainbridge School can access information distributed across 11 buildings, 9 different schools, 1 central data center, and 35 different data closets, allowing them to reduce the time of response significantly.

In addition, Schneider Electric Service Bureau with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor is monitoring the data center on a 24/7 basis empowered with real-time data. So, if a disruption occurs “off hours” the bureau has all the information it needs to begin troubleshooting immediately and dispatch if required, allowing students to keep learning and the classrooms to operate normally.

Nowadays, information technology is essential for students to proceed with their school work. Thanks to Schneider Electric’s solution, school administrators know that if a disruption to the information systems occurs their students can continue to learn, and the classrooms will continue to operate.

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