Asha Devasia

Asha is leading global channel management and digital transformation initiatives at Schneider Electric. She has a diverse background with roles in operations, technology consulting, product management, strategy, commercial and marketing. With an MBA and a background in consulting with Accenture, Asha provides strategic direction and transformational leadership to a worldwide network of channel leaders impacting thousands of customers. Her BOLD idea is to redefine the boundaries of how digitization can foster collaboration to help people all over the world benefit from the advances in energy efficiency.
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Collaborative Design and Engineering in an AI World

Let’s Work Together Collaborative Design and Engineering in an AI World

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Collaboration is Closely linked to Design Technology

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Computational Design for Consulting Engineers and Specifiers

What’s the Role for Building and Electrical System Consulting Engineers and Specifiers in an Age of Computational Design?

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Game-Changing Technologies: Changes in Computational Design

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consulting engineers at a drafting table

How will Design and Collaboration Technologies Shape the Construction and Electrical Industry?

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The Future of Design and Collaboration

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