NSW Aboriginal Land Council Chooses EcoStruxure Outcomes

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Organization opts for micro data center as-a-service solution in first-of-its-kind offering

Working to protect the interests and further the aspirations of its members and the broader Aboriginal community, the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC) is the largest member-based Aboriginal organization in New South Wales.

Established in the 1970s to assist in the fight for land rights, NSWALC is committed to ensuring a better future for Aboriginal people by working for the return of culturally significant and economically viable land, pursuing cultural, social, and economic independence for its people, and being politically proactive and voicing the position of Aboriginal people on issues affecting them.

NSWALC requires a reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure solution to assist with its essential work. An aging server infrastructure was no longer meeting its needs, but rather than simply replacing its existing products, NSWALC took a different path. Instead, it chose to implement a new and cost-effective method to avoid significant upfront costs and manage the lifecycle of the solution proactively.

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Introducing EcoStruxure Outcomes: secure power as a service for micro data centers
NSWALC chose a micro data center as-a-service solution from Schneider Electric and Intelli-Systems, a leading critical infrastructure services provider. This is the first micro data center as-a-service solution on the market, and the agreement will see the two companies offer NSWALC ongoing state-of-the-art infrastructure which is carefully scaled to its immediate needs.

Led by a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), Schneider Electric server engineers review data every month, freeing up NSWALC to focus on its core business. Schneider Electric provides ongoing monitoring of the solution to ensure it is always performing optimally, as well as performing ongoing proactive maintenance. This regular interaction also ensures that NSWALC can plan for any future enhancements to its IT environment when needed.

The solution works twofold for NSWALC — relief from the responsibility of ownership of the micro data center hardware and software, and reduction of its data center footprint, thereby improving capital utilization and simplifying operations.

The solution

Beginning with an audit of NSWALC’s data requirements, Schneider Electric took the time to properly understand the current load being used by the organization. The audit process involved an engineer visiting onsite to observe behaviors and interview key employees. This was essential in establishing the solution, as data centers that are not correctly sized for their applications are inefficient and use excessive amounts of power.

This is not just specific to the power needs of the infrastructure itself, but also the power needed to maintain optimal conditions such as cooling, lighting, fire detection, and more.

The new micro data center as-a-service includes a comprehensive infrastructure solution, including APC uninterrupted power supplies, in-row cooling, and Netbotz 750 security and environmental monitoring equipment. The environmental monitoring includes smoke sensors, security alarms and door sensors — meaning there is no need for NSWALC to even check their asset’s environment as this is all handled remotely by Schneider Electric through their overarching software and service solution, EcoStruxure IT Expert and Asset Advisor.

These cloud-based, vendor-agnostic, secure solutions enable visibility into the physical IT infrastructure of the micro data center, no matter where the user is. This remote monitoring and analytics solution means there is no need for a site visit to diagnose any concerns, and the customer can rest easy, knowing their assets are being monitored 24/7.

Remote access also means the CSM can ensure all firmware is up to date, highlighting any cybersecurity vulnerabilities before they become a problem. This information is then provided to the customer in regular reports.

Schneider Electric has set up alerts to notify them if any systems move out of the desired parameters. This ensures that the NSWALC micro data center is always performing at optimal levels. Additionally, if the IT infrastructure needs of NSWALC change, Schneider Electric can upscale or downscale the solution as and when needed. The solution allows for NSWALC to budget easily as the micro data center as-a-service solution’s costs are charged on a fixed monthly contract basis.

The outcome

With Schneider Electric and Intelli-Systems looking after the data center requirements for NSWALC, it is better able to continue its focus on pursuing cultural, social and economic improvements for Aboriginal people in NSW.

“The solution really resonated with NSWALC,” a spokesperson from Schneider Electric said. “It is a modern way for enterprises to ensure their infrastructure and systems are always up to date, without having to worry about capital expenditure.”

“We’ve chosen to use Schneider Electric because we had previous experience with their hardware and know it is a quality and reliable brand”, says Yuseph Deen, NSWALC CEO. “This was particularly important to us as we moved toward the service proposition, as we knew we would be relying upon a particular supplier for ongoing requirements. We have confidence in Schneider Electric and Intelli-Systems’ abilities to monitor and manage the solution for us going forward.”

With Schneider Electric and Intelli-Systems providing regular servicing and updates, they can also promote and increase the lifespan of the products. At the end of the lifecycle, Schneider Electric will ensure proper disposal through recycling and refurbishment programs. They can also offer the customer ongoing reports to show how and where the energy usage of the solution is changing.

For more information about Schneider Electric’s micro data center as-a-service solutions visit https://www.se.com/au/outcomes.

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