Enabling future-proof scalable data centers for a logistics giant

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From a local to a global logistics giant

Mainfreight started as a local trucking company and never stopped growing until becoming a global logistics giant with warehouses around the world. Only big dreams and determined people can build such strong global operations in the remote islands of New Zealand. With a 100-year vision, they need to move with the demands on data storage and analytics. For that, Mainfreight made an investment of 50 million dollars in a new data center that contains all the necessary infrastructure to provide the platform to deliver international end-to-end freight service.

Modernizing for the future

In order to ensure that the business runs efficiently, a global logistics giant like Mainfreight needed a modernized data center infrastructure to be able to manage and monitor its operations. To achieve that, Mainfreight opted for EcoStruxure™ solutions with the software capability to provide visibility and insights to maintain the performance and efficiency of their equipment.

As a logistics company, we’ve become this hub for data moving in and out of our business,” explained David Hall, Group IT Infrastructure Manager of Mainfreight. “We are developing ways to capture that data, manipulate it, analyze it, and provide something useful back to our customers they can then use to help their businesses grow.

Ecostruxure Asset Advisor for secure power and cooling helped the company monitor, manage, and maintain remotely located data centers.

A trusted partner

In order to complete the project within a tight deadline due to an expiring facility contract, Mainfreight and Schneider Electric worked together and built a modern and scalable data center solution to support business needs, and work towards a bold future vision.

In terms of our 100-year vision, Schneider will play a key part in the ongoing growth of Mainfreight,” said Hall.

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