Kavita Manral

Kavita Manral

Kavita Manral is a Digital Marketing Specialist in Schneider Electric India. She is responsible for managing every aspect of Web, SEO, Online Advertising, Analytics.
cybersecurity in smart buildings

Cybersecurity Solutions for Modern Building Automation Systems

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Power Management with MCBs

All you need to Know about an ACB and MCB

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Which Kind of Equipment Need Servo Motor Protection?

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modern city skyline and mesh network concept

Network Connectivity in the age of AI-defined

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Why Energy Management Systems are Crucial for Building Infrastructure

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Home Automation

Bright ideas: The Best Smart Switches and Sockets for your Home

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Home Automation

Home Automation and its Challenges in Emerging Markets!

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KNX Multitouch Interface for Smart Homes

The Solution to All Smart Home Interface Problems – KNX

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The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Ideal Smart-UPS

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Why Networking Is Important to Your Smart Home Automation System

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Female and Male IT Engineers Discussing Technical Details in a Working Data Center/ Server Room with Internet Connection Visualization.

Server Rooms And The Importance Of Staying Cool

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Lightning surge protection: two is better than one

How surge protection has evolved over the years with technology advancement

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