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Kavita Manral

Kavita Manral is a Digital Marketing Specialist in Schneider Electric India. She is responsible for managing every aspect of Web, SEO, Online Advertising, Analytics.
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RFID: What are its Advantages and Disadvantages?

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Why Does Your Data Center Need Uninterruptible Power supply?

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light switches

Single Pole vs Double Pole Switches

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Why You Need Humidity Sensors for Your Home

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What is Smart Home or Smart Building?

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DCIM India

How DCIM Helps Utility Companies?

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Smart Homes: Things You Should Know Before Investing

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All you need to know about switchgear – What is it, how does it work and types

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Difference Between High, Medium and Low Voltage Transformers

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The world of electronics can be a cruel one for cables – particularly the sensitive ones that carry sensor readings. They can be badly disturbed by the big power cables or relay switch arcs.

How to Reduce Risks of Electrical Socket Fires at Home or Office

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smart home

Why Battery Backup is a Must Have to Protect Your Smart Home’s Network

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smart homes

What is Remote Controlled Switch Board system? What are its advantages?

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