Kavita Manral

Kavita Manral

Kavita Manral is a Digital Marketing Specialist in Schneider Electric India. She is responsible for managing every aspect of Web, SEO, Online Advertising, Analytics.
Home Backup Power

The Importance of Battery Backup for Industrial Purposes

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Surge Protection and its Role in Electrical Maintenance

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Electrical Contractors

What is the Use of Different Types of Relays: Contactors, Electric and Protection Relays?

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The Benefits of Power Factor Correction That Can Impact Your Daily Life

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Spitfire Core Network Node

Picking the Right Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for Your Network

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Why are PLC, SCADA and HMI perfect for Industrial Automation?

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Keep Your Building Management Systems on Track with UPS Battery Backup

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How Schneider’s KNX System Makes Home Automation a Reality of Today’s Time

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How Does a Rotary Valve Actuator Differ from a Linear Actuator?

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Microgrids Provide Solutions to Today’s Energy Challenges

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