Why Does Your Data Center Need Uninterruptible Power supply?

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Data centers are necessary facilities that store vast amounts of sensitive data. These facilities should be armed with adequate power throughout the clock to maintain the safety of the data and also so that any data can be retrieved at any point in time as and when a user demands. Hence, data centers require an uninterrupted power supply to have little to no downtime. With an uninterruptible power supply, data centers can enjoy smooth internet connectivity, which helps them deliver their services without any hindrances. Today, all of us use smartphones, watch shows and games on online streaming platforms, play video games in real-time with multiple players from across the globe. All this is possible because of the internet and cloud computing. It requires an extraordinary amount of power and storage space. This is where data centers come into play.

Data centers are the core of internet-based services. They ensure reliable delivery of information to users around the globe 24*7. Hence, a UPS battery forms a crucial part of data centers. Power outages can result in causing tremendous damage to data centers and affect service worldwide. Power cuts can also cause damage to critical equipment in data centers like sensitive hardware, communication protocols, and other IT devices. Thus, to ensure higher security and protection from electrical disturbances, it is vital to have a power backup.

Benefits Of Uninterrupted Power Supply In A Data Center

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  • A UPS battery facilitates the continuous power supply of a reliable voltage to the data center. Even if your data center does not face frequent power outages, you still need a reliable power backup to ensure the flow of a stable voltage.
  • An uninterruptible power supply is vital to prevent financial losses in terms of reducing operational and maintenance costs. A prolonged downtime can also lead to heavy financial losses, and this can be easily prevented using a battery backup.
  • Data centers consume massive amounts of electricity. Using the latest UPS battery like a green UPS, facility managers can optimise energy efficiency and reduce power wastage. Such a power backup comes with advanced power-saving modes that can significantly benefit a data center.

Let us now understand a little more about a UPS battery

A UPS battery or an uninterruptible power supply is a device that ensures that every piece of equipment that is linked to it never loses electricity supply. There are different types of UPS batteries that are available in the market. Some are very large, and they are used to power an entire facility, while some are small and provide power backup to only those connected to it.

The size of a UPS battery can also vary greatly. While some are small and can easily fit under your table, some commercial UPS batteries may take up an entire room. Always install a UPS battery in server racks to maintain its efficiency and prolong its longevity.

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