Philippe Arsonneau

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Philippe has been leading the Services Line of Business, which combines all of Schneider Electric’s services offers, since March 2021. Together they strive to boost innovation through digital services, delivering more efficiency, sustainability, safety, and resiliency to our customers. Working with Schneider Electric’s other lines of business, Philippe’s team accelerates and eases the introduction of natively digital and disruptive offers to the market. They’re enabling new services opportunities across technologies and throughout the product lifecycle, from spare parts to recurring services contracts and modernization. Philippe manages an agile organization that places customers at the heart of our innovation and business decisions, while simultaneously engaging with our segment teams to build tailor-made services solutions. The services line of business also provides a superior customer experience through best-in-class customer satisfaction programs, web interaction, and offer standardization.
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condition-based electrical assets maintenance

The benefits of moving from traditional to condition-based electrical asset maintenance

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How electrical system retrofits lower manufacturer operational costs and boost the circular economy

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4 ways asset and systems health services maintain healthier, longer-lasting electrical assets

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Holcim Cement commissions smart cement plants to drive more sustainable business operations

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smart cement plants

How will the cement industry decarbonize while preserving shareholder value?

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Oil & Gas Industry Now Looks to Digitization for Fulfilling Power Stability Requirements

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