Difference Between High, Medium and Low Voltage Transformers

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Voltage Transformers, also known as Potential Transformers, are devices that reduce the voltage from a higher level to a safe or acceptable level. They are parallelly connected transformers that present negligible load to the supply.

Voltage transformers have an accurate voltage ratio and a phase relationship to enable accurate secondary connecting metering. They are widely used in power plants, industrial plants, and traditional electric utility companies. Typically, Switchgear in substations is on both the high and low voltage sides of the large power transformers. The voltage transformers are divided into the following three categories:

  • High voltage transformers
  • Medium voltage transformers
  • Low voltage transformers

High Voltage Transformers

These are of three types: High, Extra-High, and Ultra High voltages, associated with supply transmission from the power plant. The reason for transmitting high voltage levels is to increase efficiency. For proper maintenance and testing, High voltage transformers need to be controlled remotely or placed manually. It can be high-voltage windings or high voltage isolations between windings or both.

Medium Voltage Transformers

Large industries that require a substantial amount of power often utilize medium supply voltage. Voltage is inversely proportional to amperage, i.e. when voltage increases, amperage decreases, and vice versa. It needs a larger amount of power than a low-voltage transformer.

Low Voltage Transformers

Low voltage transformers have a rectifier that helps to convert their output into Radio Frequency Interference and direct current. In this type of transformer, electricity converts by transferring current from one set of electric windings to another.

According to American National Standard Institute(ANSI), high voltage transformers can handle a minimum of 115000 to a maximum of 11,00,000 volts; medium voltage transformers has a limited capacity of 2400 to 69000 volts; and low voltage transformers have a minimum capacity of 240 volts and a maximum of 600 volts.

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