How to Reduce Risks of Electrical Socket Fires at Home or Office

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Electrical fires are commonly occurring accident, yet it is one of the most hazardous and potentially fatal disasters. However, by keeping few fundamental things in check, one can prevent such incidents. Twice, every year, people must check their houses for faulty wiring, switches, appliances and sockets. Turn off the appliances after use. Accidents may happen without any notice and at that moment it is not easy to think and act without panicking.

Electrical Safety

Here are a few things to prioritise in order to ensure your safety during such mishaps.

Extension Cords

People usually use an extension cord when there is a shortage of sockets for gadgets or appliances. Do not use an extension cord for a longer period because they are not made to provide power to multiple devices at the same time. Therefore, use extension cords for shorter periods.

Old Wiring

It is crucial that you upgrade your wiring if you have been living in the same house for more than 15 years. Older homes usually have aluminum wires and materials that do not have the capacity  to handle modern-day electrical equipment. It is important to change your home’s wiring system and get a new high-quality switch socket and electric switch after every ten to fifteen years. Schneider Electric has an impressive range of electrical switches and sockets that provide maximum safety from electrical hazards.

Damaged Power Cords

Never use an appliance whose power cord is loose or cracked. Such cables could release uncontrolled heat to nearby flammable surfaces, such as the floor and curtains and cause a fire. Always repair or replace such cords before plugging them in.

Faulty Power Outlet

A faulty power outlet is highly risky. Worn out sockets that are not grounded correctly could result in an instant mishap. So, it is crucial to pay attention to signals or indications like burning smell while turning on an appliance or appliances becoming extremely hot, etc. 

Old Appliances

Do not use old appliances if you want to avoid electrical accidents. This is because such appliances may not be standardised or set as per the latest wattage limit and safety regulations. If appliances draw massive electricity load instantly, it could lead to electrical damage and even a fire.

We can easily avoid electrical accidents by following these standard precautions. The critical point is that residents should always remain aware and act fast whenever there is an electric spark or burning smell. They should regularly get power and gas connections checked by an expert. This is especially true for smart homes and smart buildings since these residences use a lot of electric appliances. So, it is essential to use surge protectors, electric sockets and switches, and other protective devices from reliable brands like Schneider Electric. They follow all the necessary safety protocols while manufacturing these electric tools.


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