Carmel Bawa

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Carmel’s love affair with communications started 15 years ago with her first job. Since then, her passion has extended to internal and external communications, and with it some might say, an almost unhealthy obsession with project planning. She is in her fourth year at Schneider and when she’s not at her desk, Carmel loves to make jewelry, hang out with her husband and son and dream about their next holiday.
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[Schneider Electric Podcast] Episode 8: #BreakingBarriers

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[Schneider Electric Podcast] Episode 7: #Menopause

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Schneider Electric podcast

[Podcast] #Goals

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[Podcast] In diversity there is beauty and there is strength

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[Podcast] It’s okay to not be okay.

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Schneider Electric Podcast The Good, the bad and the beautiful. Episode 3: Grow. Don't Mow.

[Podcast] Grow. Don’t Mow

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[Podcast] Let’s talk generations, the planet and baby powder

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[Podcast] The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

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