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Ron Catanzaro is an experienced Sales and Marketing executive who has been with the Schneider Electric team for over 20 years. His in depth knowledge of power for both the commercial and residential spaces serves him well in his current role of Director of Product Management for IT Software Solutions. He focuses his professional time on creating and delivering software solutions that optimize data center management and infrastructure and demonstrate measurable value. Mr. Catanzaro’s understanding of multiple channels and international markets, particularly India, China, Brazil, and Russia, allow him to maintain a truly global perspective. He holds a BS in Marketing from the University of Rhode Island-College of Business Administration.
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WWT Facility where you can test your data center design

Try Before You Buy: Build your Data Center Design at World Wide Technology’s Advanced Innovation Center

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man and woman discussing data center modernization

Essentials for Data Center Modernization at the Edge

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Data Center Design

Integrated Rack Enclosures Redefine Data Center Design for IT Solution Delivery Efficiencies

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colocation provider using hyperpod

Colocation Providers Reduce Spend of Deployment by 20% with HyperPod – a Rack-ready System

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Helping Internal Colocation Service Providers Manage Multi-Tenant Environments More Effectively

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The Tenant Portal; A Win for the Customer is a Win for Everybody

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data center

Kicking Kafka out of Data Center Operations

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Digitalization Helping Colos Meet the Challenges of Technology

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