Colocation Providers Reduce Spend of Deployment by 20% with HyperPod – a Rack-ready System

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There is an exponential rate of change with technology innovations as well as a significant increase of data creation. With no foreseeable end to this data explosion trend, Schneider Electric is focusing its attention on what our customers are doing to keep up.

The Innovative Wave for Data Center design-builds

Through working with many data center operators, including colocation providers, I have personally seen some tremendous innovation, and use of technology to cost effectively build data centers far quicker than in the past. Prefabrication and modular technology are driving TCO savings and speed improvements in the physical construction of data centers. On the other end of the spectrum, we see communities such as OCP and Open19 rethinking IT devices/racks/rack level power distribution, etc. Also, there are containers and serverless computing stealing headlines for their ability to simplify and speed up provisioning of workloads.

Somewhere in the middle of the data center construction and the IT workloads/equipment, there is a ‘white’ space which has been somewhat neglected when it comes to speed of deployment, simplicity, and reducing total cost. When I look at what happens when the doors of a nice, new, clean data hall are opened, I still see an immense amount of complexity and waste, but things are starting to change.

The Solution: a Rack-ready Infrastructure Called HyperPod

colocation providerCustomers are starting to look at different ways to get their critical IT workloads up and running much faster, at a lower cost, in a predictable manner, wherever in the world they deploy. This challenge has been a key focus of ours over the last couple of years and Schneider Electric is now able to address these challenges with our HyperPod™ rack-ready system.

HyperPod offers our customers the opportunity to dramatically simplify the white space, allows them to speed up the overall timeline for getting IT workloads up and running, and provides overall cost savings.

HyperPod is a complete, freestanding pod system, incorporating branch level power distribution, hot/cold aisle containment, data and power cable conveyance, environmental monitoring, with the ability to support whichever rack platform(s) you choose. HyperPod’s freestanding nature, and its ability to hold the supporting services associated with the whitespace, mean the need for costly raised floors and structural ceiling grids is no longer a necessity, HyperPod offers you an alternative! Studies done by the Schneider Electric Data Center Science Center (DCSC) team show that such a pod frame approach can reduce capex by 15%, and reduce time to deploy by 20%.

Learn More About the Rack-ready System, Tailor-made for Your Colocation Data Center

Due to the inherent flexibility of using configurable, standardized building blocks, HyperPod allows organizations to provide a repeatable experience, anywhere around the globe. Its simple assembly process means there is no lengthy construction project and build can align with IT rack and server install.

If you are providing power, server, or data center management to customers, consider a simpler, more flexible, faster, and cost effective solution to deploy your data center and meet the driving demands of your customers. For more insights from our expert DCSC team, download White Paper 263: Analysis of How Data Center Pod Frames Reduce Cost and Accelerate IT Rack Deployments.


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