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Olivier Blum

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As Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer of Schneider Electric, Olivier leads the development of our strategic, sustainability and quality initiatives, while steering all our Merger, Acquisitions and Divestment activities globally. Having started his career in his home country France, Olivier has been living and working in Asia (China, India and Hong Kong) for nearly two decades. Across these countries, he held a number of leadership positions in businesses and customer facing functions. Most recently Olivier has led the People Function as Chief Human Resources Officer. Olivier has always been passionate about creating new businesses and engaging with people with diverse backgrounds, this inspires him every day. As a leader, he devotes his time and energy to cultivating an environment where our people can achieve their full potential. His people philosophy is underpinned by Diversity, High Performance and Innovation and his personal motto is ‘the more you give to people, the more you receive from them.’ Since April 2020, Olivier is part of the board of AVEVA Group PLC as a Non-Executive Director and member of the Remuneration Committee.
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