Got Ideas for a Sustainable Future? Join our Go Green Student Competition

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Schneider Go Green, in collaboration with AVEVA, is more than just a competition. It’s an opportunity to share bold ideas and to open a world of possibilities for a sustainable future—and your career.

For the past 15 years, sustainability has been at the core of our business strategy at Schneider Electric. Our long-standing belief is that sustainability cannot be a one-off commitment. That’s why we reinforce our environmental, social and governance commitments every three years.

Aligned to our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion approach and our sustainability commitments, the Schneider Go Green student competition, launched 12 years ago, invites students from diverse backgrounds to share their ideas on how to tackle climate change.

For the second year now, we’re collaborating with AVEVA on Schneider Go Green to strengthen our partnership and give students the opportunity to be connected with a wider network, and to harness creativity in software innovation.

Students can choose to submit their bold ideas in one of the five categories below– each of which aligns with Schneider’s and AVEVA’s business objective — and work with their teams to try to bring about a more sustainable future.

sustainable ideas for go green

Spark Industrial Innovation with AVEVA

AVEVA’s software enables industry teams to design, build and operate many of the world’s most innovative industrial operations, in sectors ranging from power and infrastructure, to food and beverage, and chemicals. Whether you’re embracing the energy transition or adopting transformative ways of working using AI and the cloud, AVEVA helps spark innovation and drive efficient use of the world’s resources.

As industries continue to accelerate their net-zero futures, from carbon capture to hydrogen and renewables, software is driving the transition and is helping realize the sustainable industries of the future. So, if you have a bold idea for sustainable software innovation, submit it to AVEVA’s Decoding the Future category and get involved!

How We’re Empowering the Next Generation

Schneider Go Green is all about empowering the next generation. Particularly a hyper-connected generation who grew up knowing the climate chaos we face, and can offer fresh perspectives and ideas to drive creative solutions. With the market expertise and seniority of digital companies like Schneider Electric and AVEVA, it’s a perfect match of diversity and collaboration.

A good example is our 2020 Go Green global winners from Colombia. Angie and Jorge presented their Sustainable Fishing project benefitting the Bojayá community on Colombia’s coast. Their project offers an innovative Access-to-Energy solution and sustainable business model for the fishermen and women in their community. Angie and Jorge are now part of our #SEGreatPeople team in Colombia.

In 2021, we had an inspiring project from two students in Spain, Dorothy Ann and Helena. Their bold idea of Light Pills, an artificial light source and UV water purifier shaped like a bottle cap, helps communities without access to energy and safe water.

Join now!

The competition is open to university students all over the world who are undertaking a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Teammates, in groups of 2-4 must be studying in the same country and must be pursuing a degree in business, engineering, marketing, and/or innovation-related studies.

As part of our Schneider Sustainability Impact (SSI), we’ve committed to creating opportunities for the next generation, by doubling the number of opportunities for interns, apprentices and fresh graduate hires. By joining Go Green, you will have ample networking opportunities and connections with the AVEVA and Schneider Electric Human Resources teams, mentors, business leaders, and more.

The global winning team will also receive a prize of 10,000 Euros! There’s no better time to join Schneider Go Green!

Help us build a more sustainable future, apply today at

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