Electrifier program: Fostering a culture of curiosity and mastery

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Olivier Blum – EVP Energy Management

Having worked at Schneider for over 30 years, I’ve seen a lot of change both in business and the world in general. But one thing that’s remained constant is the disruptive approach of our people, turning innovations into market solutions that make a positive impact.

At Schneider, our purpose of creating impact isn’t just an external goal. It guides our internal thinking too. With it, we inspire our people to create individual impact in their own roles, while collectively making the world more electric, more digital, more automated and more sustainable.

We’re a skills-first organization. To ride the waves of a rapidly changing world, we need a future-ready workforce, which is why we prioritize our people’s development, offering personalized opportunities to upskill. Ultimately, the success of our people drives the success of our business.

Where talent meets opportunity

Earlier this year, we refreshed our company values to reflect how Schneider is evolving, aligning with where we want to go and what we believe in. Acronymized into IMPACT, our values guide us towards excellence, with Mastery and Curiosity driving innovation to serve our customers’ known (and yet unknown) needs, whilst also challenging ourselves to keep raising the bar as we strive to invent the future.

Mourad Tamoud, EVP Global Supply Chain

All our employees enjoy regular career development meetings, as well as access to programs that can supercharge their growth. Making sure employees are recognized, empowered, and driven makes a big difference to motivation and development. This is why we have introduced our new Electrifier program – and it is perfectly aligned with our new IMPACT Values.

The program recognizes our people with outstanding achievements, expertise, and leadership — and gives them the chance to directly affect strategic business drivers. By maximizing their careers and potential, these experts become instrumental in shaping our future.

Electrifier is centered on 28 domains of competency, each with three levels of expertise, from deep knowledge through to world-class experts. Reflecting essential areas of expertise for our strategy and future, these domains include electrical systems, digital, industrialization, supply chain, digital marketing, customer care, sustainability and much more.

The program has strong ambitions and vision, helping our people grow their knowledge — from market evolution to using technologies for customer needs — and sharpen their skills to create greater value. By giving our people access to business leaders and high expertise, we ignite innovation along the value chain from design, to industrialization, sourcing, and manufacturing. As an example, we’ve partnered with MIT Sloan Management School to design a signature learning program for our top Electrifiers.

By ensuring opportunities for continuous growth, we keep our experts at the forefront of their fields. Our Electrifier program boosts innovation while birthing real and impactful business solutions — a direct expression of our Mastery and Curiosity values.

Watch the video to learn more:

What can YOU become? Olivier Blum – EVP Energy Management

Let’s find out together. Schneider’s hundreds of offices, locations, and factories around the world are our body, but it’s our people who make the soul of the company. They define our present and our future. With that in mind, we invite all Schneider employees to apply to become an Electrifier and play a bigger role in our collective future.

More than a certification, our Electrifier program fosters a dynamic community that furthers innovation and professionalism while bringing impactful business solutions that ensure Life Is On.

Our Electrifiers are strategists, creators, innovators, technical gurus, solution designers, thought leaders, digital experts, and more. We integrate all of them at the core of our business as drivers of change and co-creators of our company’s future.

Our experts’ Mastery and Curiosity push the boundaries of innovation to the benefit of our customers and shape the future of our business, solidifying our position as an industrial technology leader. 

And to those of you not yet part of our team: If you’re curious about sustainability, want to master your field, and are hungry to make an impact, you’ll be right at home with us. Apply via our Careers Page to help us shape the future. Not ready to apply? Subscribe to our Talent Community and be the first to learn about openings that align with your passions.

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