Jane Braun

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Jane Braun is a 25 year Schneider Electric employee with experience in both the Industry and Buildings businesses. After receiving two Masters degrees from Boston University Jane was a Boston cable news anchor and subsequently a newspaper reporter. The colorful part of her career was in the 80s as the PR Manager for the rock band Boston during their Third Stage album comeback.
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Prepare Your Home to be Smart

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KNX Multitouch Interface for Smart Homes

The Interface is the Solution for Smart Homes

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2 min read

The Role of Device Level Control in Hospitals

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Is the School Building BMS Ready for School To Begin?

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The Internet of Things and Device Level Control

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Schools: Avoid Over- and Under-Conditioned Air

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Trends in Device Level Control: Valves and Actuators in School

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Trends in Device Level Control: Sensors in School

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Valves Deserve Some TLC

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If Valves and Actuators Aren’t Healthy – Neither is the BMS

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Save Energy and Boost Educational Spending

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Valves: Unseen and Unsung Heroes

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