Prepare Your Home to be Smart

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Smart homes that connect appliances, safety, security systems and home energy equipment are a burgeoning trend says a BI Intelligence report. In the first blog, we talked about how the interface – the thing people interact with – is the solution.

What we want to talk about next specifically is an interface that offers users the ultimate in convenient operation and flexible control for room comfort functions inclusive of lighting, room temperature, and blinds.

According to BI Intelligence, shipments of these home control devices along with a myriad of other appliances, security and alarm devices will reach 193 million annually in the U.S. in 2020, up from 83 million five years before. Globally, the corresponding figures are expected to be 1.11 billion devices shipped in 2020, more than double 2015’s 444 million.

These figures are impressive, but controlling ALL these smart home systems from one device is a long way off. What DOES exist today are room control devices that can masterfully handle all these room control functions.

For an interface, this means that it must be flexible and powerful, as well as compliant with standards. The first allows an interface to be used in a variety of situations, with a minimum of installation and commissioning time. Power enables an interface to communicate with and manage a host of smart devices and systems.

As for the last, it’s important that any interface support standards that apply to smart homes and home automation. Therefore, the interface needs to be as technologically advanced as possible and following standards enables this.

Schneider Electric has two new interfaces that do this: the KNX MultiTouch Pro and KNX Push-Button Pro. They deliver intuitive, flexible and comprehensive room control integrated in a sleek, modern design.

For instance, the KNX MultiTouch Pro can have a vertical, round or a combination of both display arrangement. Many functions can be activated with a hand gesture, with the interface recognizing the direction of movement as either horizontal or vertical. Thermostats, light, blinds and more can easily be controlled.

The KNX Push-Button Pro offers the same control functions. Room setup changes can be accommodated via software.

Either of the KNX interface products makes it possible to improve safety and lower energy costs. Those are the two main reasons cited by consumers as motivation to buy a smart home device.

These interface products are part of the connected technologies we create that reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives. Visit our website for other parts of our KNX home automation solution.

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