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Peter Welander is a member of the MediaSolve Group team serving as an editor and multi-media producer. He has been on the editorial staff of Control Engineering magazine since 2006 covering the world of industrial automation. Prior to moving into publishing full time, he worked in industrial marketing and engineering capacities, including fluid handling, chemical processing, pollution control and maintenance of large-scale rotating equipment. He has produced many webcasts, podcasts and online videos.
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Cooling Fan

Webcast: 4 Critical Factors for Choosing Data Center Cooling with Large Capacity Systems

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Want engagement with residential electrical customers? Make sure your energy management interface is something they’ll want to use.

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Managing the grid, one house at a time

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Wait, what? The power company wants to control my thermostat?

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Forming a more engaged utility-to-customer relationship

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Making the connection to residential users

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Electric Utilities

Dealing with the realities of deregulated utility markets

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How the Internet of Things will affect electrical distribution

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Understanding the energy value chain

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Do smart thermostats create smart cities?

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