Paul Ayers

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Paul Ayers is the Offer Manager, Networking Solutions for Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric is the “global specialist in energy management” with 110,000+ employees, operations in 190 countries, and had 2010 annual sales of $28 billion (€20 billion).  Paul is responsible for development of integrated solutions architectures and communicating the value proposition for Schneider Electric’s small IT room segment. His expertise is in solutions which include Power & Power Distribution, Cooling, Rack systems, Physical Security and Management, that improve availability, are easy to manage and adapt to changing “on-premise” IT landscapes in enterprise branches, wiring closets and server rooms. Since joining Schneider Electric in 2005, Paul has held positions directly interfacing with customers as well as developing new products and programs. Paul’s experience is contributing to the innovation in power and cooling solutions targeted to solve real customer problems.   Paul holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Rhode Island.
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