Mark Kaloudis

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Mark Kaloudis ileads the Single Phase Secure Power product line globlly at APC by Schneider Electric. APC is a brand of Schneider Electric which is the “global specialist in energy management” with 114,000 employees and operations in 190 countries, and had 2013 annual revenue of €24 Billion. Mark began his career at APC in 2002 and has had many roles including Product Manager, Product Line Manager and Product Information Manager for various product lines including Back-UPS, AV, Surge and Network Accessories. In his current role as Offer Manager, The Americas, Mark manages the NAM and LAM regions for the Personal Power Line Of Business and is responsible for new product development in the BackUPS, Surge, AV, and Mobile product lines. Mark holds a B.S. degree in Management from Rhode Island College and an M.B.A. from Georgetown University.
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