Steven Carlini

Steven Carlini is the Vice President of Innovation and Data Center for Schneider Electric. Steven is responsible developing integrated solutions and communicating the value proposition for Schneider Electric’s data center segment including enterprise and cloud data centers. A frequent speaker at industry conferences and forums, Steven is an expert on the foundation layer of data centers which include Power & Power Distribution, Cooling & Technical Cooling, Rack systems, Physical Security, DCIM Management solutions that improve availability and maximize performance. Steven has been responsible for guiding the direction of many industry changing products and solutions that solve real customer problems or give businesses competitive advantages. Steven holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, and an MBA in International Business from the CT Bauer School at the University of Houston.
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Sustainability with micro grid and wind turbine

Data Centers to Prioritize Environmental Sustainability

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5G satellite

Low Earth Orbiting Satellites (LEO) will be the Future of Delivering a Seamless 5G Experience

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IT technician in a edge server room while

Hybrid Data Center Application Automation will Rely on Local Edge for Load Balancing

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Modeling out Data Center Energy Use Over the Next Two Decades

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The New Space Age is Opening Opportunities for Edge Computing

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5G will Drive Heavy Adoption of Edge Computing in Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Technologies

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Data Centers Lead in Sustainability with Net Zero Carbon Emissions for the Future

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commercial buildings

What is Carbon Pricing and Why Companies Should Pay Attention

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Demystifying the Benefits and Risks of Deploying Edge Computing for Industry 4.0

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