Mark Bidinger

Mark Bidinger is the President of the Cloud & Service Provider Segment for Schneider Electric. The segment is an exciting and disruptive segment for both customers and Schneider Electric, creating new business opportunities that necessitate a differentiated business model. Leading a global team, Mark and team are focused on addressing the international needs and the unique demand profile of colocation, telecommunications, IT, & Internet Giant clients. Under Mark’s transformative style of leadership, Schneider continually is evolving their solutions and organization to align & address capabilities, to meet specific customer requirements. Helping clients manage their energy, process, and business in data centers, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, etc. Mark’s team specializes in helping create complete solutions with smart grid technologies, zero carbon footprint manufacturing, or best in class data center design and implementation. Mark has more than 15 years experience delivering solutions in the Mission Critical space and celebrates 30 years with Schneider Electric in June, 2016. Mark’s customer centric approach has built a reputation well recognized in the industry as being a strong advocate of the customer. Mark received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame.
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