Jay Owen

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Jay Owen is currently the SVP for Schneider Electric's North American IT Division. Jay has 22+ years of engineering, product management and sales experience in the data center and telecommunications industry. He is responsible for all of Schneider's business within the data center application. Previously, Jay was Vice President of Schneider Electric's execution center for data center projects.
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fans at sports stadium

From Big Games to Black Friday: Infrastructures for Great Customer Experiences

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Data Center Engineer

Remote networking is a billion-dollar proposition. Is your infrastructure prepared?

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3 min read

Why data center strategy should include “edge computing everywhere”

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Keeping a Pulse on the Colocation Industry: What’s on the Minds of Providers

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Why a 5G Future (and Beyond) Depends on the Telco Edge

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Woman talking on cell phone outside

Equipping the Mobile Edge to Enable the Digital World

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Regulatory compliance drives – and complicates – government rack access strategies

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Energy Savings Performance Contracts are Starting to Snowball

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Federal Building

Taking Stock of Data Center Capacities Before Starting a Consolidation Project

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Data Center

Easing Federal Data Center Consolidation Using High-Density Pods

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Federal Building

Consolidating Federal Data Centers Through Energy Savings Performance Contracts

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