Equipping the Mobile Edge to Enable the Digital World

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The digital world is about to get faster and more populated. All the major carriers have announced 5G rollouts, public road testing of autonomous cars has been approved in some areas, drone deliveries are happening; augmented and virtual reality is changing the interactive experience; cities, homes, and industry are getting smarter. As many more millions of connected things hit the market, the cell tower edge will be a huge enabler; and we’re equipping it.

The perfect definition of edge computing is constantly debated, but its function and importance are abundantly clear. The IoT effect has created the need for more compute, network and storage closer to the end user, to meet the demand for staggering bandwidth and allow critical decisions to be made at the source, while at the same time ensuring low latency. That criticality can only be served through edge computing.

If we think of edge computing as vital to quick and efficient handling of massive amounts of data, generated from billions of end points, we also realize that processing will require a decentralized network of innumerable edge computing solutions.

Managing an Edge World

Therein lie the challenges. How do you effectively operate, manage, monitor, control and administer an edge world? To start, traditional data centers are physically guarded. Facility workers require an electronic access card and visitors must show ID, sign in, and be escorted.

That’s not possible with decentralized deployments, where the number of sites will far outweigh the cost of manning each location. Today’s edge computing is more distributed, more remote and, therefore, must be more self-sufficient. To make matters more challenging, the edge deployments today are far more critical and could carry a much greater business impact than the “distributed IT” of yesterday.

We are designing technology with these attributes in mind, starting with our new prefabricated data center offer targeting autonomous edge deployment to support wireless infrastructure, as well as other future builds at the edge.

Cell Tower Edge – Fully Equipped

What makes this module specifically suited to the cell tower edge is its single-phase design meant for 208 volts of power. But, like all of our prefabricated solutions for the edge, it’s flexible and scalable. For example, it features a flexible power train up to 48 KW with N+1 cooling. Plus, the six racks can be configured into two bay racks, as a single bay rack, and even a custom four bay rack.

Our prefabricated data centers allow for quick and cost-effective deployment. They contain fully tested, standards-compliant infrastructure constructed to scale for a particular purpose.

We utilize package cooling units, which mount on the outside of the module. They are fully self-enclosed — no external condensers or piping.

The module is put into place, and we run a 600-amp feeder to it. Everything else is self-contained, so the solution is essentially plug-in ready.

Having a fully built, integrated system, allows for repeatable installation of identical implementations in multiple locations, providing the ultimate predictability in efficiency, reliability and operation.

Enriched by our EcoStruxture for IT software platform, the module can be fully metered, remotely monitored and managed. Therefore, you can run an autonomous or “lights out” application as the solution covers the full life of the deployment to include a “user defined managed service model” and/or a nationwide field service organization. Security can be built in with features such as: key locks, biometric security, rack mounted and exterior cameras, exterior lights, vibration sensors, and a card kit key reader.

We’ve taken the best Schneider Electric components – backed by years of expertise – and done all the engineering integration work for you; adding the right pieces to fit the cell tower edge. To learn more about our Edge Module, watch the video

There’s No End to Edge, in Sight

The cell tower edge is swiftly emerging, and we’re helping define the environment. Right now, it’s being driven by digital content providers focused on delivering an optimal experience for consumers streaming movies, music, news, and more. The next iteration will be congruent to our increasingly smart, autonomous world.

Your Tool Kit for the Edge

Beyond the cell tower at the edge, we have a number of Reference Designs built around our prefabricated data centers. These reference designs can be customized to meet the needs of a range of organizations allowing them to do things they’ve never done before — from healthcare facilities, schools and higher education to the public sector and more.

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