Hugh Lindsay

Hugh Lindsay is the Director and Global Solution Architect for the Banking, Finance and Real Estate sector at Schneider Electric. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Communications from Simon Fraser University in Canada and a Masters Certificate in Systems Architecture from CESEAMES Polytechnique in France. Over his 20+ year career, Mr. Lindsay has held numerous management and senior management roles related to the energy and operational efficiency of system level IoT solutions for Data Centers and Smart Buildings related to Government, Finance, Colocation and Internet Giants, Advanced Education, and Industrial sectors.
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cybersecurity for buildings

3 Effective Ways to Create Robust Cybersecurity Protection for Buildings

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London Financial District

3 Cybersecurity Tips for Staying Out of the Headlines

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London Financial District

New Approaches to Managing Financial Services Data Centers

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5 Steps Toward a Stronger Cybersecurity Strategy for Your Commercial Building

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Smart Building Agility in Times of Crisis to Keep Workplaces Healthy and Safe

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EcoXpert training for Commercial Buildings and Smart Buildings

New EcoXpert Real Estate Specialization Provides Training to Address Smart Buildings

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Edge: Critical Factors to Consider When Deploying Edge Technologies in Banking

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Financial Services Data Center Modernization

Becoming a Modern Financial Services Data Center

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After the Storm: New Approaches to Managing Financial Services Data Centers

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Digital Foundations for Digital Banks

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The Evolution of Energy Management Systems: From Energy Reliability to Operational Efficiency

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Banking Finance Green

How can a financial firm make gains from a sustainable energy program?

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