Edge: Critical Factors to Consider When Deploying Edge Technologies in Banking

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Technology is rapidly transforming the way global business is done – from the amount of data housed centrally to how services are delivered locally at the edge. This acceleration is particularly visible in banking and finance where the traditional bank branch is transforming into a digital branch, and services are delivered directly to the end user via new digital technologies, much like how the IoT is being deployed in traditional retail with kiosks and self-service information.

traditional banks are moving to digital technologies
Traditional banks branches where customers queue at the bank counter are quickly being replaced with digital branches. Image by © Hiya Images/Corbis

While edge computing applications are not new to the banking world, there is an identifiable acceleration at work. Consider the incremental demands for more traditional banking services over the last decade such as high-frequency trading, smarter ATMs and video tellers – all pushing the need for more bandwidth.

Watch my latest video to learn more about these trends and the challenges they present. In it, I discuss some of the most critical elements to consider for the creation of robust hybrid and edge architectures including standardized deployment, physical security and the ability to leverage remote monitoring tools.

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