Henri Grasset

Henri Grasset

Henri Grasset is an Automation Intelligent Device Expert at Schneider Energy Division. He holds a Transverse Engineering Diploma in 1993 from the Ecole Centrale of Nantes, France. Henri worked for ALSTOM T&D Lattes (France) from 2000 to 2001 then joined ALSTOM T&D in Stafford, England where he worked for 2 years in the Protection & Control department as Senior Certification Engineer for Systems and Protections. In 2003 Henri moved as Senior Product Management Engineer in Protection Business Unit with AREVA T&D Protection & Control in Lattes, France where he specified new Busbar protections (MiCOM P740, P746 and P723) and Breaker Fail protections (MiCOM P821) used world-wide, he was also in charge of the Nuclear, Transmission and Distribution segments. In 2010, Henri continued as Utility and Railway IED Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric. Henri has worked in Cigré or IEC Working groups such as B5.19, B5.24 or the ongoing TC38 WG37

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