Eric Bonsignour

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Process & Machine OEM Business Development, Food and Beverage Schneider Electric Eric has worked in the control and automation industry for the past 26 years and has held a number of roles both in France and in the United States across a broad area of the business including engineering, production, business management and marketing. In his current role, Eric works with Schneider’s Food and Beverage global accounts around the world to ensure that Schneider continues to understand and meet the needs of their Food and Beverage customers. Widely respected in his field, Eric holds six patents related to “Current Measurement Systems” and has published “CNAM Engineering Thesis”: Current measurement solution for 3 Phases PWM speed drives.
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Next generation pasteurization…what if you could pasteurize water with light?

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Do partnerships between solution specialist and Food and Beverage OEM’s make sense?

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CIP is a food safety “must”, but can it be optimized to increase your bottom line result?

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Is complex automation the only way to get food and beverage traceability?

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Is traceability from “farm to fork” necessary?

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Food crisis is looming but our trash bins are full of wasted food!

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Rising electrical costs impact Food and Beverage Industry

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Is European milk heading to China?

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