Cedric Moret

Cedric Moret

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I joined Schneider Electric in 2005 as a Field Service Marketing Offer Manager. In 2008, I had the opportunity to move to IT Business unit within Schneider Electric. There, I deployed the Service Commercial policy for services just after the acquisition of APC and merge with MGE UPS System for Americas, Europe and Asia. After this multicultural experience, I changed position within IT BU as a Service Strategic Intelligence Manager: it has been a way for me to carry out market studies on DataCenters, Hospitals, Oil & Gaz and Finance applications. I joined EV department in Schneider in 2014. I have always been interested in cars, it is such a pleasure today to share a hobby and also work as a business developer for EV charging infrastructure.

Efficient, Centralized Control of EV Charging Stations for Delivery Vehicles

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Smarter Ways for Cities to Manage EV Charging Infrastructures

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Open Charge Point Protocol : connecting EV charging stations to central systems

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