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Hi everyone, my name is Cody Dumont, I am a Senior Financial Analyst in Supply Chain at the Schneider Electric Oregon region in the United States, and I am financially managing the manufacturing facility here.

I started working at Schneider Electric about five years ago since I interviewed in the finance advanced development program while still studying in college. The duration of this program is three years, and it was a great starting point for my career. It was a fast track for me in Schneider Electric where I was able to experience both the front-office and back-office perspectives. After joining the finance advanced program, I transferred to a position to support the global supply chain business from a financial perspective. This is my current role located at the Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility.

A standard workday as a Financial Analyst 

As a Senior Financial Analyst, my job is to provide visibility to help the plant drive efficiency while still assuring we are safely producing good quality products. Let me share some of my main tasks in a standard workday: Firstly, I have to report financial results to different stakeholders; Secondly, I have to collaborate virtually with other finance business partners across North America and other global teams. Thirdly, I spend time on the manufacturing floor to better understand our products and the processes to produce them. Lastly, I work closely with the local plant operations team to improve efficiency and drive customer first results.

Flexibility and Well-being

Well-being and community event for a cancer benefit

Apart from my job, Schneider also emphasizes employee well-being. The company offers flexible working hours that allow employees to utilize their time in a way that suits them best. Personally, before I go to work, I like to start my day with some exercise, and I usually go for a run. Prioritizing well-being at the start of my day helps clear my mind and set a positive mood. Throughout the day, taking breaks is essential for me so I can have a positive work environment. During these breaks, we can rest, fuel up with food or go for a walk, which is what I prefer to do! These small acts help refresh and clear our minds. Thus, we can work efficiently and effectively. Working at Schneider, I have realized that it is important for an organization to value employee well-being and work-life balance. It improves employee morale and enhances engagement. When everyone is healthier physically and mentally, it contributes to a boost in employee performance and productivity.

Innovation and People at the Heart of Schneider

Graduating from the Advanced Development Program at an annual event in Mexico City

At Schneider, we value innovation and people, and I want to share with you a few reasons why I like working for the company.

  • My job presents me with daily challenges. These challenges enable me to learn every day and have a deeper understanding of my role.
  • The #SEGreatPeople employee mentality. Everyone is genuinely unique and has their own story and background. They share exceptional experiences, innovations, and insights with the team, which is a precious opportunity to learn from.
  • Consistent change and growth. During the finance advanced development program, I’ve worked in 3 different roles, across 3 different business units, and got to experience 3 different locations. These changes helped me develop my career and challenged me to be a better person outside of the workplace as well. The experience of working with people from all around the world and exposure to diverse teams and projects lead me to be a well-rounded professional.

Schneider Electric has continued to keep me on my toes over the last five years since I started working for the company. I am motivated and proud of this companies’ ability to adapt to change, innovate, and focus on driving better sustainability in this never-ending challenging world.  Employees here are exceptionally hard working. I am proud to contribute and work alongside them. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working here at Schneider Electric and I am excited for the challenges that lie ahead. LIFE IS ON!!!

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