Finding My Passion Working in a Smart Factory

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Creativity or Science?

challenges in the workplaceStudies are a unique time of entering adulthood, meeting people, and having fun. I remember that time very well. I made many new friends, met the love of my life, and started working in a place where I discovered what I want to do in my life. For me studies were a breakthrough period of life – it was a time that radically changed my life.

I’ve always been ambitious. I have always enjoyed learning new things. I’ve always wanted to develop and challenge myself. When I was a child, I was interested in all fields of science. On one hand, I had a creative mind – I wrote poems and stories. On the other hand, I had a brain that liked to solve difficult math problems. Therefore, when the time came to choose the field of study, I didn’t know what to choose, because I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future. So I chose the field of study which, in my opinion, combined my various skills, and started studying management and production engineering specializing in industrial logistics at the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice.

As a person focused on development, I tried to make the best use of my study time. In addition to participating in standard classes, I also participated in additional projects. The most important of them was the Production engineer with Power. The aim of this project was to improve students’ competencies and practical skills. The university started partnering with several factories, one of them was Schneider Electric Poland. As a part of this project, I visited the Schneider Electric factory in Bukowno, Poland.

challenges working in a smart factory schneider electric
Schneider Electric factory in Bukowno, Poland

During my visit, I saw how work actually looks like in a production factory and I liked it a lot. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to stay there longer to help develop the place. At the time Schneider was looking for 2 interns for the holiday period. I applied and soon after I started an internship in the logistics department! For 3 months I was learning about logistics processes. I performed my duties scrupulously.

Finding my path through challenges

I wasn’t bored, but I didn’t enjoy my work – most of the tasks were a daily routine that was done while sitting at a desk most of the time. In the last month of the internship, I joined the project team responsible for changing the layout of the warehouse. Due to this challenge, I discovered that the implementation of new projects and cooperation with a group of people is what I would like to do, and Schneider made it possible for me! I was given the opportunity to do a one-year internship in the technical department. It was a time to get to know the production process, the practical use of Lean Manufacturing tools, the Continuous Improvement process. It was a very intense time, but also a time when I found out that this is the place for me, that this is what I want to do in the future!

MIR smart factory robot
Controlling the MIR robot in our factory

Therefore, after completing the internship, I stayed in Schneider Electric Bukowno as a Production Methods Engineer responsible for one of the production sectors. I deal with the effective flow of the production process, run projects aimed at improving the quality of processes, improving ergonomics, and safety. What is very important to me is the fact that Schneider Electric focuses on modern technologies, digitalization, and industry 4.0. Thanks to this, I had the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the MIR robot in our factory. Robots and cobots contribute to improving the efficiency of my production lines. The world is constantly moving forward with technologies, so it’s great to work in a  smart factory.

Each day is a new challenge for me and I learn something new. I know that I am not standing still and that I am constantly developing. My job gives me satisfaction.

During my work at Schneider Electric, I have met a lot of really great people. People who are great professionals with huge knowledge. Knowledge that they want to share and thanks to them, I’ve learned many things and they’ve supported me in many topics. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Great people make Schneider Electric a great company  and these people are undoubtedly unique, inside and outside of work😊

Each day there are new challenges for me and I learn something new. I know that I am not standing still and that I am constantly developing. My job gives me satisfaction. And it is very important to enjoy what you are doing. Thanks to Schneider Electric, I discovered what I want to do in the future, and my continuous development makes me feel that I’m in the right place and there is still a lot of great things ahead of me!

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About the author:

Izabela Kawon is an engineer of production methods at the Schneider Electric in Bukowno plant (Poland). She’s a graduate of Silesian University of Technology in Katowice. She’s interested in sport, mainly football and ski jumping. She loves nature. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and visiting sports events 😉


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