The Future of Cloud Computing According to Tierpoint

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In the first of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Andy Stewart, Chief Strategy Officer, Tierpoint, to discuss how technical innovation and customer requirements are driving the future of cloud computing.

“Customers are demanding more than just traditional colocation from their providers; they want hybrid IT solutions,” says Andy. Whereas just connecting to hyperscale clouds like AWS and Azure was once enough, now enterprises are looking to partners for full management of their environments.

In light of this, he believes traditional providers must now have a unique differentiator to survive the changing face of the colocation market — for example, offering edge computing. Tierpoint has adapted its own offerings accordingly and is also preparing for what’s next by heavily investing in R&D to create next-gen solutions.

Looking ahead, private cloud demand will also grow, so having direct connect and express route will become increasingly important. The majority of customers may not be using this model just yet, according to Andy, but they want it to be readily available. When the time comes, they’ll look for a provider who has expertise in these types of migrations.

Multiple Deployments

Andy believes that in a world where there will always be multiple IT environments, there will never be just one way to deploy cloud. Colocation, private and public/hyperscale cloud models, and even on premise, will not only coexist — they will often overlap.

“The winners in this world will be providers who offer flexible options and enable visibility into all three environments,” according to Andy, “moving workloads among them to quickly adapt to business demands.”

As the lines between colocation and services blur, we wondered how a company like Tierpoint avoids competing with its own clients. Andy says, “We are very open with our customers, working together to try to turn what could be competition into collaboration. For example, we recently had a service provider bring a customer to us. They fulfilled the services need and we met colocation requirements.”

Hear from Andy first hand by watching this video and find out more about how Tierpoint’s services model and experts can help your business succeed in the increasingly complex and ever changing world of colocation.



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