Infographic: Growing importance of sustainable homes for a greener, more resilient future

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The impact of climate change is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Household emissions around the world are a major driving force. At present, over one-third of global emissions can be attributed to energy consumption in homes. To tackle this, more and more stakeholders are jumping on the sustainable housing bandwagon.

Check out the infographic below for the latest trends and statistics, as well as the challenges and opportunities that are driving the need for homes of the future for our people now and our future generations.

2050 net zero homes ambitions

Schneider Electric envisions a new electric world with homes that provide complete grid-to-plug power management, charging ports at arm’s length throughout and connected dimmers and sensors that take the place of switches, all with control in the palm of your hand – a smart, adaptive home where you can live a sustainable lifestyle while building a more sustainable world by switching between renewable power sources and grid power, a home, in fact, that could someday evolve into the net-zero home of the future.

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