Predictable efficiency leveraging prefabrication

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As said in Forrest Gump, “Life is  like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

One of the problems when building data centers in the traditional way (we should know, we have built more than anyone else)  is that you have “designed performance” (efficiency, power and cooling capacity, density, availability, etc.) and many times  when you flip the “on switch”, you may not get what you expect.    Why is this?   For one you have many different parties involved in the process – multiple manufacturers, distributors, designers, architects, contractors, electricians, HVAC installers, inspectors, etc.  The more cooks, well you know…..   Then you have assembly on site in an uncontrolled environment without quality control, and many field changes that pop up because equipment delivered (IT, power cooling) may have gone through a generation change, the room measurements were wrong or have changed,  the installers had to do some “site reengineering”.    All of this is workable but it may involve redesigns, reworks, optimization services that all could cost time and money.

The performance of prefabricated data centers is like a box of chocolates with labels and pictures on the insides – you always know what you are gonna get.  Prefabricated data centers’ performance is  more predictable as the initial designs have had robust design time and effort, continuous updates based on actual field performance, with factory manufacturing and testing done by dedicated professional utilizing the latest automation tools and processes.   Because the solution is tested and validated in the factory (most cases) you know what the performance will be before you ever start the construction at the site.

The overall predictability benefits are obvious: 1) you can draw a reliable financial model for your data center project before you start it; 2) you can better plan your business and make decisions with more predictable information; 3) you can count on prefabricated data center designs to deliver the “designed performance”.

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