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Simone Gianotti

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Mr. Gianotti’s professional experience started as an application engineer for Motion and Automation, working with customers on the factory floor to help develop and commission the software for machines in the material working, material handling, and packaging segments. Moving into a position as a Trainer brought Simone to acquire international experience traveling to Europe, Asia and eventually to America where he moved in 2009. As the next step, mr. Gianotti’s moved to Product Management and Marketing, first as responsible for the Safety offer and then as Offer Manager for Motion. As Motion Product Manager, Simone has witnessed the development of the first Smart Machines, and joined the Schneider Electric’s Global group in charge to develop that concept for the Machine Builders. The activity as a member of the Smart Machine group brought Simone to explore more and more the IIoT and the Industry 4.0 worlds, leading to the new role within Schneider Electric as Business Development Manager for the Industry Digital Offer for the US.
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Augmented Reality Makes Reality Even Better for Plant Operators

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