Richard Medley

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Richard Medley, based in Boston, Massachusetts USA, serves as Solutions Marketing Regional Segment Leader for the Schneider Electric Industry Business formal strategic partner program called CAPP (Collaborative Automation Partner Program.) With a Harvard MBA and a career concentrated entirely in the field of B2B marketing, Richard brings a powerful combination of education and experience to his role with Schneider Electric. Since joining the company in 2006, Richard has sharpened his concentration in the field of partnerships and strategic alliances through active involvement with ASAP, the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals. Through ASAP Richard has earned two levels of professional alliance certification including this organization’s highest level, CSAP, or Certfied Strategic Alliance Professional. The past few years, Richard has developed a keen interest in, and has made a personal hobby of cooking with smoke. For both fish and meat, he enjoys to prepare a “smoker meal,” as his wife likes to call them.
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The Power of Partnership in the world of Industrial Automation

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