Michael Sullivan

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Michael Sullivan, Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions Vice President, Schneider Electric, is dedicated to helping healthcare facilities improve energy efficiency, patient safety, and the environment of care through an intelligent integrated healthcare infrastructure that integrates building management, power, security, and IT infrastructure solutions. Michael works with every major economy and emerging market, as well developing countries to understand the needs and challenges facing healthcare decision makers and executives today. Based in Andover, Massachusetts, Mr. Sullivan spends his spare time enjoying outdoor activities with his wife and two daughters. Follow Schneider Electric Healthcare Solutions on Twitter @SE_Healthcare.
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New Research Report: How IoT Technology Helps Create Tomorrow’s Hospital Today

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IoT, Digitization, Electrification & The Future of Healthcare: An Expert Panel Discussion

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Net-Zero Carbon

Net zero carbon hotels: Making hotels of the future a reality today

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Hospital resiliency during a pandemic—Expert Insights

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Data Transparency is Vital to World-class Hospitals

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The Top Five Challenges Facing Today’s Hospitals

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Hospital energy waste puts a damper on operating budgets and public health

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