Michael Jamieson

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As the Segment President for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry for Schneider Electric, Mike Jamieson leads the global sales and marketing efforts across Food & Beverage, Life Sciences and Household & Personal Care, ensuring the company establishes itself as the leader in helping manufacturers and equipment suppliers to achieve sustainable, agile, reliable and transparent manufacturing and supply chain operations via its broad portfolio of Electrical, Automation and Software solutions and services. Mike joined Schneider Electric in March 2015 and is located in Marktheidenfeld in Germany, however is originally from a town called Arbroath in Scotland. Prior to joining Schneider Electric, Mike worked for five years for a German software company that specializes in Breweries and Dairies called ProLeiT. He was responsible for Global Sales and Marketing and operations within its 10 international subsidiaries, including running the North American business as its CEO.
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food and beverage manufactu

How Data Integration and Data Control Drives Marketplace Agility in Food and Beverage Manufacturing Operations

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food and beverage manufacturing

How Data Integration and Data Control Drives Marketplace Agility in Food and Beverage Operations

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