Marco Chiari

Marco Chiari

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Marco is the head of Operational Marketing Team for the Drives line of business. He is responsible for Drives growth marketing actions, new offer launch, drives skills development and prescription. He started her career in Milano (Italy) in 2003 as an Automation Software Engineer in Ascon s.p.a. , in 2005 he joined Schneider Electric’s System and Consistency office in Seligenstadt (Germany) working on European Industrial Fieldbus Standardization and FDT/DTM technology . One year after, he joined the Motion project marketing team for the development of a new servo drives offer, in 2007 Marco joined the SE Drives headquarter in Pacy sur Eure as a Product Manager and successfully lead the launch of new key OEM ranges and top line offers. In 2012 Marco was appointed to take the lead for the Drives Operational Marketing team. Marco’s native language is Italian, but also speaks fluent French, English and German.

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