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Heslin is an award-winning editor with more than 20 years experience in the editorial departments of business-to-business and technical publications. During his career, he has written and spoken about topics including energy cost and reliability, electrical safety, and data centers. He can be reached at Also you can follow him on Twitter @datacenteredit. Follow Mission Critical magazine at @mcritical.
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The Spring Thaw | Upcoming Data Center Industry Meetings and Events

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What’s in your attic? Making a start in the Data Center Industry

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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel – Copying Proven Data Center Formulas Saves Energy and Money

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The Year Is Well Under Way: New Bloggers, New Seminars, and New Insights on UPS’s, DCIM, and Rack and Enclosure Specs

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Let the New Year Begin – With Topics Ranging from AFCOM to Datacenter Dynamics and Much Much More

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What’s New in 2012? Predicting Greater Use DCIM and Increased Adoption of Cloud Computing

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Meeting the Needs of Data Center Customers

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My First 7×24 Exchange Chapter Meeting – An Indepth Discussion with Chris Sedore, VP for IT and CIO at Syracuse University

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Steel Orca Unveils Plans to Open New Facility During Company Event

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Tech Vault Meets a Market Need in Vermont

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Cummins Announces New Engine/Diesel Gen SetNatural Gas Versions to Follow

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