Joy Silber

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Joy Silber is the Senior Manager Product Management and Business Development of Power Solutions at Schneider Electric. With experience across multiple industries: Food and Beverage, Mechanical, Agriculture and Power Transmission, Joy has held previous roles in National Sales Development, Market Segment Management, Marketing Services Management and Business Development. She has a B.S. from North Carolina State University and is an active volunteer in her community.
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microgrid and meter

Duke Energy Case Study: Fire Stations, Microgrids and Meters

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Five ways meters mean money for you

Learn Five Ways Meters Mean Money for You

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Learn how to make your facility talk to you

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Outlining the Key Benefits of an Energy and Power Management System

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Daytona International Gets Smart About Panelboards

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Turn on Plug Load Control

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Power Factor Correction: An Overlooked but Powerful Tool for Delivering Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

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Hospital Finds a Solution to Its Dirty Power Problems with SureVoltā„¢ Automatic Voltage Regulator

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Dirty Power: What It Is and Why You Need to Clean It Up

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Integrated Electrical Components: One Solution to the Skilled Construction Labor Shortage

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Why Integrated Electrical Panels Save Space in an Electrical Room

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Energy Measurement & Verification Tool Helps City of Raleigh Achieve New Levels of Energy Efficiency

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