Learn how to make your facility talk to you

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It can be as quick and simple as a text message.facility energy management via phone text notifications

It’s a text message sent to you from your facility’s hardware and its process systems.

Sound futuristic?

It is. But it’s actually already available. With the right power and energy management system in place and software such as StruxureWare™ Power Monitoring Expert, you can make your facility talk to you.

In an age of VR, robots, and driverless cars, we have created a means by which your facility can talk to you. This includes one building or multiple buildings, a plant, data center, or entire grid.

Your facility is made up of a lot of parts and a lot of processes, and if you aren’t monitoring them you could be losing money, productivity, and time. But keeping track of all of this presents a challenge. Your facility could have an issue and you wouldn’t even know it. Wish your facility could simply tell you what is wrong?

It can. Energy and facilities managers don’t need to be on-site. Messages are sent to your computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Online dashboards conveniently place the communications together in one group, leveraging the convergence of Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). With accurate information on your facility available, it takes away the guesswork and eliminates mistakes.

You don’t need to do a walk-through. Equipment and software gather all the data and send it to you. On-time. Customized. At-a-glance. This detailed data helps you make the best decisions: decisions that avoid problems, meet sustainability goals and lower costs.

A few of the things your facility can tell you:

  • Where and how energy is being wasted
  • The operation and status of equipment from transformers to breakers, PDU, ATS, UPS, and more
  • If there are costly power quality issues like sags, swells, harmonics, transients or flicker
  • When peak demand thresholds are being exceeded, critical breaker points met, or electrical disturbances have occurred
  • If equipment maintenance is needed
  • The location of the source of an electrical disturbance
  • The power factor of your facility and how much it might be costing you
  • Electric, gas, water, and steam data, cost allocation and potential savings opportunities

These are just some of the communications that allow energy and facility managers to measure, understand, and act. Because the bottom line of learning what’s wrong is fixing it. Fixing the problem can improve your energy efficiency, save money and avoid power and equipment shutdowns.

Want to make certain that you know what is happening in your facility?

Allow your facility to talk to you with an actionable and intelligent power and energy management system from Schneider Electric. Choose from a full range of power and energy meters and software like StruxureWare™ PowerSCADA and Power Monitoring Expert to create your own customizable, integrated, and intelligent solution. Click here to learn more about power and energy management.

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