John Boville

John is the EcoStruxure Enablement manager in the Industrial Automation Team at Schneider Electric. He has been with the company for more than 20 years and in engineering, management and marketing roles for industrial automation solutions for over 30 years. He is based in Michigan and can be reached at
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Keep the water flowing with an optimized data stream to reduce operating expenses

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How can digitization help Consumer Packaged Goods companies respond to today’s challenges?

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Challenges and Solutions for Water Network Management

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How 21st Century tools empower the water industry workforce

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Leverage Digitization to Manage Pump Stations for Maximum Effectiveness

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Asset Performance: The art of doing more with less

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The “PLC” – Born out of a customer’s need to maximize profitability

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System Integrators: Your Guide on the Road to Digital Transformation

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Why use the same controller to manage process and safety systems?

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Common Safety and How to Increase Profitability

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How the IIoT Is Delivering on the Promise of Asset Performance Management, Part 4

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How the IIoT is Delivering on the Promise of Asset Performance Management Part 3

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