Jason Covitz

Jason Covitz is the Director of Marketing Strategy for Schneider Electric’s IT Business, focusing on the Home and Business Networks application areas. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of both key customer personas and the customer journey from acquisition, acceleration, closure and retention. Over his past 13 years with American Power Conversion (APC) and Schneider Electric, Jason has held a variety of roles spanning, customer service, sales and marketing. Prior to his current role, Jason was an Retail Account Manager responsible both the management and expansion of major retail accounts and was the first National Account Manager for the then newly created Audio/Video division, where he focused on the growth of distribution channels and manufacturer's representatives. Jason holds an MA in English from Clark University in Worcester, MA USA
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Infographic APC

How should you protect your at-Home Digital Experience? Find out with APC by Schneider Electric’s New Interactive Infographic

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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad (Home Networks)…and how to fix them

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Potato Salad

What Zack Danger Brown’s Potato Salad Can Tell Us About The Internet Of Things

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World Cup Soccer Football

How the Internet of Things has changed the World Cup: From Vuvuzelas to Mind Control Exoskeletons…

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