Frederic Abbal

In 1991, Frédéric Abbal joined Schneider Electric as Purchasing Manager and was appointed Director of Operations Division of Merlin Gerin Alpes. In 1998, he managed Sarel. In 2002, Frédéric became President of Schneider Electric North East Africa Operations, based in Cairo (Egypt) and in 2006, he was the Country President of Schneider Electric, France. In 2012, he was appointed Executive Vice-President, of the Infrastructure Business and in 2019, led the Services activities of the group. From 2011 to 2015, Frédéric was the President of Gimélec, a professional organization uniting 230 French companies that provide power and automation solutions for the energy, building, industry, and infrastructure markets. Mr. Abbal holds an engineering degree from the ECAM Lyon, a master’s degree from INSEAD, and completed the Tuck Executive Program at Dartmouth College, NH. Frédéric Abbal is no longer with Schneider Electric.
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