Farrukh Shad

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Farrukh is the SVP overseeing Retail Strategy and Global eCommerce at Schneider Electric. With a career dedicated to B2B and B2C, Farrukh earned his retail & eCommerce grades at British Petroleum and then Philips before joining Schneider Electric in Hong Kong 5 years ago. Farrukh has a diverse background and is a global citizen with over 20 years of experience in sales & marketing being based in different countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He has held various global and regional roles in his career covering retail strategy, sales, brand management, distributor management and shopper marketing. Farrukh has a strong conviction that better business results & sustainable growth comes from putting the consumer and shopper at the heart of business decisions and is driven by the ‘outside-in’ approach. He is not afraid to ‘experiment’ and ‘innovate’ & to challenge the status quo to bring positive results and business transformation. Farrukh frequently speaks at public events on digital transformation, B2B eCommerce & retail at forums in Europe, China, Asia and US.
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