Eric Bonneville

Eric Bonneville currently manages Schneider Electric’s Environment Stewardship Office and Green Premium Program, with the goal to enable compliant and eco-designed offers, helping businesses to meet market segments sustainable expectations with relevant sustainable value proposal. Over the past 10 years, Eric’s been involved with R&D efficiency, REACH & RoHS projects for Medium Voltage offers and REACH program manager for Schneider. He is a strong advocate for Non toxic products & eco-design, Circular Economy, Renewable Energy, Electrical Vehicle & Cycling from a personal and business perspective. Passionate about Visual Data Communication, Architecture, Minimalism, IT and soft skills development. Eric is sitting in Gimelec Environmental Commission and used to be President of FIEEC Substances Taskforce and Orgalime Representative. Residing near the French Alps, in Grenoble, he holds a Masters of Electric Engineering from Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supélec) and a Master Degree of Renewable Energy for Buildings & Waste Management from the Université de Savoie. One more note; Eric loves playing LEGO with his two sons and dancing Salsa.
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Products that go beyond minimum environmental regulations

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