Charles Alvis

Charles Alvis has extensive experience integrating innovative maintenance, software and field services that return real business value. Now with Schneider Electric Field Services he is actively involved in creating innovative approaches to improve services designed to optimize equipment life and reliability.
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Asset Performance Monitoring Saves $1 Million in Potential Transformer Losses

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Schneider Electric Services

6 Industry Trends Impacting Facility Operations

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The Reliability Equation: Does your system pass?

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The Dangers of Aging Electrical Equipment Schneider Electric

FAQs: The Dangers of Aging Electrical Equipment

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Upgrade or Replace? The Aging Switchgear Dilemma

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Aging Switchgear? Consider 5 Factors

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10 tips to extend the life of your switchgear

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Maintenance Programs Add Real Business Value

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Break the Deferred Electrical Preventive Maintenance Paradox

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Preventive Maintenance: Pay Now or Pay (More) Later

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